CSI Solutions, a company with a real passion for the development of South Africa, is leading and driving Corporate Social Investment Initiatives, trends and creative solutions. Our people are passionate about ensuring sustainable development and real impact in the communities in which we work. 


To add strategic planning, impact and reporting to social investment and development initiatives by assisting organisations in the development and implementation of sustainable projects. We aim to closely monitor and evaluate projects to ensure that investments are utilised to their full potential and increase projects’ chances of sustainability.

Our business philosophy

We guarantee to always maintain high ethical and moral codes of conduct in our business and community involvement. We respect and value all stakeholders and strive to work in their best interests at all times. 

Our approach

CSI is no longer a function that can be run in isolation; in order to achieve lasting results it needs to be implemented and supported by top management. Achieving our mission can only be accomplished by working closely with executives and each phase is covered by closely liaising with personnel to ensure the projects are aligned with company objectives and policies.

Our solution

  • Create a network of sharing among practitioners.
  • Drive CSI measuring, reporting and benchmarking.
  • Build extensive partnerships and creative flagship projects. 
  • Link CSI initiatives with corporate initiatives and be visible at grass roots level.
  • Make CSI a strategic business imperative and utilise it as a business tool. 
  • Encourage independence to ensure development and sustainable growth of projects. 
  • Encourage employee involvement and volunteering programmes, and link these to CSI projects.
  • Add strategic vision to CSI and developing a CSI strategy.
  • Research, identify and manage appropriate CSI initiatives and opportunities. 
  • Act as a catalyst for others to access wider and larger resources. 
  • Network and communicate with clients, partners and government to engage in CSI partnerships.
  • Create effective evaluation models.
  • Work towards high impact and sustainable projects.


CSI Solutions has experience in community development that spans over ten years and we have seven years experience specifically in the CSI field. 

Michelle Yorke is the founding member and core of CSI Solutions, she is supported by admin and project coordinators as well as a network of working consultants.

Our skills and expertise include:

  • Research
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Project management
  • BEE and Enterprise development
  • Communication
  • Environmental 
  • Social Development
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 

Our core competency lies in our broad knowledge base of a diverse range of social development projects. Our hands-on engagement and research has enabled us to identify and document important lessons learnt and good practices in such a way that successful projects can be turned into replicable models.

Our Value Add

  • Broad knowledge and experience in the development field. We are very aware of the national development objectives (MDG, IDPs, IRDPs and Nodal areas). 
  • Our continuous involvement with many corporate donors places us in a position to assist in creating valuable partnerships.
  • Our on-going involvement with CSI projects countrywide gives us a very clear and holistic view of the nature and impact of different projects and implementation methods. 
  • A particular understanding of social issues within communities.
  • Extensive experience in designing evaluation tools as well as conducting evaluations and assessments.
  • Practical involvement with development project implementation, rural business development and socio-economic development. 
  • A collaborative and complete approach.
  • A passion for sustainable development and a commitment to creating real impact with regards to broad-based black economic empowerment in the communities with which we engage. 
  • Our ability to create unique models that deal with extensive collaboration and stakeholder engagement as well as Private Public Partnerships.
  • An excellent understanding of general project management and business principles. 
  • An impeccable work ethic. 

Clients have included

  • Sun International
  • XStrata Coal
  • Eskom Development Foundation
  • African Rainbow Minerals Ltd
  • Umgeni Water
  • Boxer Superstores
  • AFGRI Ltd
  • SAB
  • Pick n Pay
  • Telkom Foundation
  • Bakwena
  • WesBank
  • Department of Social Development
  • National Development Agency
  • Independent Development Trust