CSI Training Workshops for 2011

Posted at 06:32 PM on 18 Mar 2010 under Training & Conferences

A practical “how to” 2-day interactive session for implementing your CSI projects effectively.

We run tailored internal workshops for corporates as well as independent workshops, please contact us with your needs.

Contact:       (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / 011- 646 9315

“Excellent, highly recommended for ALL in the industry”        “Integrated information on CSI that has logical sequence to understand what CSI actually entails”      “Information thoroughly researched, current industry views, information sharing”      “The workshop was great for me, has given me a lot of information & motivation. I can do so much better and feel my attitude had changed.”        “Excellent Presenter with subject knowledge”

What is CSI costing your business?

Posted at 12:21 PM on 23 Jul 2009 under CSI News & Interest

As in all business units within a company, success is reflected by results and impact; for the company and the community in the case of CSI, and this business principle should always apply to your company’s corporate social investments.

What value is your CSI spend bringing to your company?

Posted at 12:18 PM on 23 Jul 2009 under CSI News & Interest

The corporate social investment arena in South Africa is rapidly changing and developing.  It is no longer enough for companies to spend money without measuring the sustainability of their projects, the impact on beneficiaries and the return on investment for the company itself.