CGF Research Institute (Pty) Limited

CGF is a private company that specialises in conducting desk-top research
on Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) related matters.
CGF has developed a Corporate Governance Framework Body of
Knowledge comprising feature reports that cover many aspects spanning a
broad range of governance issues which we make available to
organisations on a subscription basis. Within the Body of Knowledge
(VANTAGE), we have developed additional governance subsection
products to assist smaller companies within this arena, namely Governance
Connect, the Director’s Fasttrack Manuals, Policy Template Handbooks,
governance monthly reports and various published articles.

Through our strategic partners and associates, our capabilities extend to
management consulting, executive learning and facilitation of Corporate
Governance awareness workshops, which caters for large corporates to
small and medium sized businesses.

Our research is designed in such a manner to create a high-level
awareness and understanding of issues impacting a CEO through to all
employees of the organisation and is presented in a simple, practical
manner, offering guidelines and thought provoking insights that provide the
opportunity for all levels of employees to familiarize themselves with matters
they ordinarily wouldn’t become involved in.

The reports cover numerous facets such as King I & II, BASEL I & II, PFMA,
BEE, Diversity Management and Succession Planning, including a variety of
local and international commissions, laws, reports and articles that highlight
many interesting areas as they pertain to running a healthy business.
They further deal with issues ranging from the role and responsibilities of
directors, company secretaries and auditors, social and economic impacts
through to multiple governance recommendations.

In many instances, there are specific references and web site addresses
pointing to the original source of information in the event that the reader
requires more detail. The reports can be used immediately and they can be rapidly deployed with optimum flexibility to cater for a wide variety of requirements in a short time with minimal cost.

Unique offerings

What sets us apart is that we are an independent body specialising in the aggregation of local and international best of breed Governance practices and we approach the subject from a holistic point of view, providing thought leadership to our clients in this field. Our research may indeed complement their own internal initiatives on Governance and extends beyond what auditors and legal advisors typically concentrate on, i.e. accurate reporting and legislative compliance. We believe in promoting the integration of Governance practices as a process within the organisation, rather than a “once-a-year declaration of intent”. This integration may well become a strategic differentiator in South Africa where we have detected a growing trend amongst asset managers and investors to increasingly invest based on sustainability criteria, particularly in those sectors where compliance to announced and proposed Charters is no longer negotiable.

Leading the pack

Interestingly, approximately 35% of the companies listed on the JSE SRI Index, make use of our offerings, many of which tell us that our research has advanced their Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance initiatives by at least 18 months.

Our customer’s positive feedback and the recognition we have received from organisations such as the Association of SADC Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCCI), the Global Business School of Entrepreneurship (GBSE), the British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa, the Institute of Directors South Africa and EthicSA - suggest that we may be justified in feeling confident that our products and services can add significant value to a number of organisations, locally and internationally, both large and small. /